Trying to get my groove back

Well, the kids are both moved out, and downsizing has begun, even in the garden. For the first time, I will be using raised beds.

Last weekend we sifted the compost, and turn the bins. I laid one to rest and covered it with leaf mulch, and started a new active bin. I also rotated and harvested the worm bins.

And then I began to plant a few starts, and a few seeds. We added a blueberry bush, and I planted the kale in the landscape beds. We added a few native shrubs for the birds, and a hardy kiwi that we will need to get an arbor up for.

We took a look around, and began outline a few changes in the garden. We're contemplating removing that last patch of lawn.

We took a trip to Big R and looked at the chickens, an ongoing conversation. And I believe the decision came down to one thing, "but then how will we travel?"