Looking Back: Garden Projects 2012

2012 was our first spring in the new home, new state, and new hardiness zone. As I look back I now know that the weather was a complete fluke. We completed a lot more projects than I remember. Most of these projects involved clearing and hardscaping.

There was no path from the driveway to the back door, so we added a walkway
We used 24" river rock pavers that would match the use of river rock in the overall plan. 
There was no usable patio space, so we deconstructed the old patio and reset a new patio in a more usable location. We reclaimed the sand from the old site, and initially reused the canopy frame. 

The new plan has the back deck, sidewalk along the house and new pathway from the driveway all intersecting near the new patio space to improve flow.

Frech drains were added along the west side of the house where we had observed overflow during storms.

Reclaimed wall stone created a planter to divide the living space from the kitchen garden. And a small sitting area and bird feeding station were added.

The drainage areas were covered with river rock.
We pulled the broken pieces in the sidewalk along the house and offset them to their original location.
Next we filled the area with river rock to connect the overall look with the drainage plan.

We cleared, we transplanted, we reclaimed materials all over the property.

Many of the materials reclaimed from other areas of the yard where then reused in the new plan.

The perennials were transplanted into the new plan.

We brought in river rock to fill in the french drains and border areas that needed additional drainage.
We brought in a topsoil compost mix to establish the kitchen garden.

Cuttings and starts filled pots, awaiting their new homes.
And soon the plan came together.