permaculture, flow planning

I am taking a step back today to thoughtfully observe the systems and functions that do and will exist in BOTH my garden and home. The evolution of our patterns in this home and yard will be reflected in my flow analysis and planning. After 6 month of observation I am ready to zone the area.

The greatest challenge that I face is the front door. There is a three door entry into the main living area, through a screened porch, and the neighbors have all been trained to come to the back door. I would like to re-establish the front door as the main entry and enhance the flow between the home and yard. The screened porch and an existing fence and gate are the main barriers to flow at the moment. Additionally, there is a wooden, stepped walkway at the back door that will be removed to provide additional space for edibles, and eventually chickens (the zoning will need changed, but I have high hopes).

I plan to remove the existing fence, which extends from the front corner of the house, and put up a metal fence at the sidewalk. This will open the flow from the front to side yards, enhancing the overall plan to plant edibles in the front yard. I have a cottage garden idea brewing. The new landscaping will also provide screening from a somewhat busy road.

An existing canopy frame will be moved from a corner of the yard closer to the backdoor to create a living space extended from the home. This placement will also visually screen the backdoor and mudroom from the neighbor's kitchen window.

beginning a garden map: existing buildings, structures and large trees (I used a property survey this time, but have also measured and mapped by hand in the past)
I will continue working on the map and plans this week, including pricing items and beginning a 3 year budget. I have a few books on order that will arrive this week to help my planning with regional information and permaculture principals.

And the big Chicken in the City meeting is this Wednesday!

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