A little introspection and forward thinking

Well, the pressure is on! A former colleague has just started a very professional looking blog over at K Tobin Video. I found myself up late last night revamping the layout, adding tabs and getting all philosophical about my gardening and green practices for this blog. It has been hard for me to let go of the Vancouver garden and think about a new space here in Indiana.

Admittedly this blog has been the red headed stepchild, spun off idle ramblings back in 2007 to save my readers from all my garden dribble and green soapbox rants. There seem to be a lot of posts dedicated to the virtues of worms,  mulch and compost.

It is time to pull out the camera and get to work.  ...as soon as I re-pot the new houseplants I saved from sure death at Lowe's ... and finish the primer in the kids bedrooms ...

Ah, late night blogging, I remember how this works now ;)


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