If I am going to be snowed in...

I'm not sure how we started on the topic, but we found ourselves looking for a condo in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My husband has a good friend in Alberta, and we both love to travel Canada. Maybe it was the promise of snow and his impending travel schedule, but we found ourselves looking for Calgary apartments. And it makes sense if we map his travel and base customers. 

My husband travels for work. He has traveled for most of the past 20 years, covering North America. At the moment we own two homes, one on the West Coast and one in the Midwest. The one on the West Coast is for sale, but it has been interesting having both properties. It sure has made his travel a lot easier. So, we started talking about maybe getting a rental somewhere, after the house sells, that he can use for travel and I can use to get away. Honestly, after the teens leave for college this makes a lot of sense. 

We have only been here for a few short months, but I know that I will need to get away to a larger city with an established cultural center. And a city like Calgary has a lot of appeal, such as museums, restaurants and theatre...and the Calgary Horticulture Society events :)


  1. thinking just one bedroom for the hubby and I - studio style, right downtown

    did you look at the listings, very euro cute!


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