A Lemon Tree, A Keiffer Lime and a Bay Tree

Our last move was all of 7 miles, and the first 2 loads in the 18' trailer were my plants. Knowing that the average new homeowner would be intimidated by the garden we carefully moved everything from blueberry bushes to flowering shrubs and heirloom roses.

Well, this time, there were no plants allowed on that 28' moving trailer. {Sigh} I took a small banker box full of cuttings and divisions on my 2400 mile trek in the car, nursing them through a 2 week stay in a hotel room once we arrived. A few made it, but for the most part I am starting over. When the moving truck arrived they unloaded empty pots and plant stands, all of which are now neatly stacked in the covered porch.

We are going into winter, so I know that I will not be purchasing new plants for the yard, but I do NEED houseplants. I truly believe houseplants help with indoor air quality, and well as our mental well-being. .

I have visions of turning the enclosed porch into an indoor garden. I find myself pouring over classic garden sites like Rutgers Gardens and how to articles like those on eHow Home looking for just the right collection. I know that I will want a lemon tree, a keiffer lime and a bay tree. I also have visions of a dwarf olive tree. I have had some of these before (all gifted to the neighbors when we moved) and I think the porch will be a wonderful winter oasis for morning coffee. I found some of the best deals with online florists who sell live plants. And they come potted and in really good form, unlike trying to locate that same specimen at a nursery and then prune it for indoor use. These sites are experienced in live plant and floral delivery and have money-back policies to back their product.