OK, I have to add, hubby may not have gotten his riding lawn mower, but he did FINALLY get that bosch dishwasher that he has wanted for years. No, I am not kidding. We have purchased 3 dishwashers over the past several years after moves, and every time we start looking he brings me the detailed comparison ratings to support his "baby."

Now, I will gladly exchange mowing the lawn with the dishes so that he can spend more time with his new toy LOL. And if I am lucky, his new found love will hold out through canning season and the holidays.

I give him a bad time, but hubby has been with me from day one in the garden. We learned together. At first he was the manual labor, but more recently he has started showing off his plant knowledge and I enjoy overhearing him "showing off" his technical knowledge. When he disappears for too long to the garden store I know he is explaining composting or proper organic lawn care to some young couple stuck in the aisle with him.