month 5 - December 2007

Compost Collection System

Winter is a great time to focus on compost collection. Having a great system is key - especially with kids! We collect our compost scraps in (4) 1 gallon snap lid containers - greens, browns, banana peels (roses) and coffee grounds (acid loving plants). Using seperate green and brown collection container works well for us to ensure that we add equal parts (by volume) of greens and browns each time we add to the bin. We tend to produce far more greens than browns, even after diverting some of the greens to the worm bins. When the green bin is full we know to grab some shredded newspaper, egg cartons, dried leaves or even junk mail when we add to the compost bin.

The green container is set on the counter during meal preparation for all egg shells and vegetable and fruit scraps. Paper towels and napkins go in the brown bin.
Egg cartons are also a great material for the compost bin, they hold a lot of moisture once wet.
We work both yard bins and worm bins. We have two worm bins in the laundry room (basement) - and NO! it does not smell a bit!