month 10 - May 2008


The butterfly and hummingbird perennial garden faces south, on the front of the house. This area is full sun with patches of afternoon shade from neighboring trees. The plants in this area are: penstemon, phlox, companula, columbine, veronica, rudbeckia hirta, echinacea, liatris, tithonia, asclepias, verbena, joe pye weed, foxglove and hollyhocks - as well as an existing butterfly bush that was move to a more suitable location.
The existing sprinkler system was converted to a drip irrigation system. The sprinkler heads were first shut off and then converted through a system of risers, pressure gauages, mavericks and 1/2 inch tubing.

Shade Area. The hostas I divided last fall all seemed to do well. The shade garden seems to be taking shape.
Working with what's there - We also set beds around the existing trailer pad. The beds were set at about 2 ft deep to accomodate vegetable beds. These beds also help add organic matter around the tree, which was in much need of nutrients. The compacted earth around the trailer pad and existing grass is not healthy for the tree root system.
The blueberry bushes and strawberry starts were planted on the south side of the single car garage to allow for plenty of sun and radiant heat from the garage. The drip system was extended through the bed.
Raised beds and tomato barrels were added directly over the lawn.
Here is a closer view of the cardboard and compost forming the raised beds.
Pole supposrts and old ladders were added to allow for verticle climbing of beans, squash and cucumbers.
The beans were spaced around the pole.
And squash was planted to the side of the ladders.