I am a writer and educator focused on the environment and green living practices. I provide resources and coaching in design and methods for urban dwellers on How To "create habitat between the concrete slabs."

When I began gardening, like many, I focused on the plants. I took a Master Composter/ Recycler course in order to learn more about composting and soil, and I walked away with a new philosophy about how I approach not only my gardening but also my waste flow and wants. In many ways this course changed my life more than any other. The early posts on this blog are frequently about composting, vermicomposting and sheet mulching or lasagna gardening.

I was raised in the 1970s by a Janis Joplin singing hippy-wanna-be mom in the suburbs. She watched chemicals and shopped at the health food store and coop. And in some bizarre turn of fate I became a high school Natural Resource and Conservation teacher. I currently teach middle school art. I have very strong beliefs about GMOs, pesticides and green practices. I believe that it is important to have a basic understanding of laws and regulations, technology and science, and politics. These beliefs will be reflected in this journal. However, as an educator I will more often than not ask you the question, rather than provide you the answer. Balance in all things is the human challenge.

I have over ten years experience teaching about natural resources, conservation and environmental science. I completed my organics certification through Oregon Tilth and Master Gardener through OSU. I am also a Master Composter/Recycler. I have worked as an environmental educator in a range of positions including curriculum development and career and technical training at the high school level. I have been featured in The Columbian, Edible Portland and NorthBank Now.