I am a writer and educator focused on the environment and green living practices. I provide resources and coaching in design and methods for urban dwellers on How To "create habitat between the concrete slabs."

I have over ten years experience teaching about natural resources, conservation and environmental science. I completed my organics certification through Oregon Tilth and Master Gardener through OSU. I am also a Master Composter/Recycler. I have worked as an environmental educator in a range of positions including curriculum development and career and technical training at the high school level. I have been featured in The Columbian, Edible Portland and NorthBank Now.

I lived in USDA Zone 8 (Western Garden Zone 6) for most of my life and relocated to Zone 5 in 2011. My first garden project was to establish a butterfly habitat and multi-use space for a young family. The next project was the development of an urban pollinator habitat and a 10 month edible garden. This blog chronicles the planning and establishment of a 6,000 sq foot Suburban lot, the subsequent transition to a 5,000 sq ft Urban lot, and currently chronicles my projects on 7,000 sq ft lot in a historical district.

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