a year for projects and moving forward

This has been a year for projects. 

After several years of being "too busy" to clean up borders, mulch and transplant I feel like I have "caught up." I have also been able to sit and enjoy the yard more and plan. 

We completed the deck extension that we began last year, and added the railing. PLUS we stained the deck and several of the arbors. A few will need to wait for the fall when the plants are cut back to be stained. 

The lawn is beginning to make a comeback. We are embracing the clover for the bees, but have regained control over many of the other weeds, like the black medic, spotted spurge and wood sorrel. I cut back the edges to a 10ft x 20 ft area in the back, just large enough for a tent if we suddenly get social.

The vegetable garden has been downsized to two raised beds, now that there are only the two of us. We plan to add cold frames and try to extend the growing season with greens. I am excited to begin working with edibles again.

We still have the 2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, 5 blueberry bushes, raspberry canes, thornless blackberries, hardy Kiwi, strawberries and two grape arbors. They are all received some TLC this year. 

We removed the front fence opening it up behind th peonies. We have planted an Ann Magnolia and a Korean Lilac to fill in for privacy. It really changed the look of the yard to remove the division between the front and back yards. 

The house got new windows, new gutters, and the "supplemental" HVAC was replaced. Coming up this fall the 1/2 bath should be complete and a new roof has been bid. 


  1. My, so productive! Looks and sounds lovely. Will more regular hours at new job make for more time for continuing personal pursuits?

  2. I do hope so... in the least, there will be no taking work home with me. I already feel the weight of planning, curriculum development and grading lifted.

  3. Looks wonderful, so many home improvement projects.


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