Divided & Transplanted

1.5 inches of rain last night during the thunderstorms, so you know what that means...
It's time to transplant! I have divided out some of this variegated hosta, to open space back up for the Autumn Sedum.
And then I moved that variegated hosta up to the border on the front lawn, alternating with existing Autumn Sedum. 

I have repeated the alternating pattern of the hosta and autumn sedum in two places in the front yard. The variegated hosta gives interest through mid to late summer, until the autumn seed blooms in early fall.

In the photo above you'll see I have added two new shrubs, a Magnolia Ann, and a Korean lilac. Both of these shrubs will fill out to about a 5-ft by 5-ft shrub that will bloom early spring.

I transplanted a few other plants in other areas of the yard to help fill in borders and rock walls.


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