first frost date approaches, October 19th (Zone 5)

October 19th marks the first frost date for this area. It is hard to believe, with the unseasonable warm weather that we have been experiencing but watch your forecasted night time temperatures. Those 50 degree nights have dropped to the 40s. We will have a nice weekend ahead, but the following week brings temperatures down again.

It is time to cut back your herbs for drying and clean up and mulch the yard for winter protection.

Use this upcoming weekend to prepare your garden for a good start next season.

Cut back perennials and mulch the beds.

Protect pots and take in tender plants for overwintering.

turn and cover your vegetable beds for winter, and tend to your fruit trees and bushes.

Gather leaves as they begin to fall and use them to insulate your beds. Using a leaf blower with vacuum setting and mulcher is a great way to tackle the task.

Remove annuals and turn your compost pile.