Entering Year 3 in Zone 5

We are now entering our 3rd gardening season in zone 5.

The first year, 2012, was primarily spent removing invasive species, clearing rotted timbers, planning flow and soil building. We had a small vegetable garden and established blueberries and strawberries.

2013 was a building year. We added fruit trees and built up the habitat space with pollinator plants and berries. The vegetable garden was larger and the composite site was fully operational.

Inspired by the Chicago Flower & Garden Show we walked out this morning to assess the winter damage and look at spacing for a few new ideas. The bitter cold drove us back inside very quickly. This has been a harsh winter and we feel the difference 3 zones make. As friends in Portland post photos of their garden and discuss their new projects we are still covered with snow.

We are still waiting to see what has survived the winter.