Zone 5 Blues

I am feeling the zone 5 blues today. I miss my gardens and plants from zone 8, some of my favorites will not make it here in Michiana.

I have spent many an hour paging through seed, perennial and native plant catalogs trying to wrap my brain around this new zone challenge. Just a few hours south and Indianspolis can brag zone 6. What a difference a zone makes.

Coming from an area rich with nurseries my first challenge was to locate a good nursery. Unfortunately, I have watched several independent nurseries close their doors since we landed here in Northern Indiana. I have had good luck with Bluestone Perennials and I plan to try Prairie Nursery this year for natives. Both involve shipping plants, something very new to me.

Spring is late this year, night time temperatures are still dipping into the 20s. This weekend teases days creeping toward the 60s and night time temps hovering around 40. A month tardy the crocus and daffodils are pushing through, with tulips not far behind.