each garden I designed defined a season of my life

 The house in Vancouver closed this week. We got the call last night that it had recorded, and the old neighbor texted that the buyer was moving in.

She had mentioned earlier in the week that the Clematis 'Apple Blossom' was blooming. It is my favorite evergreen Clematis, an early bloomer. I had trained it down the side fence between our yards.
We later added another Clematis, a June bloomer, to the back fence. The plan was for the vines to cover the fence and then we would remove the line of arbor vitae and regain the space.

In this photo you can see the campanula subulata, a late spring carpet of purple beneath the Daphnae odorata.

I miss certain plants, like the Helebore the neighbor gave me for my 40th birthday. There was also a pale pink rose that my aunt gave my mother when I was born. I moved it from house to house in a pot and finally planted it in the ground at this house.

I miss the perennials that I planted, and the way they greeted each spring.

I had an office in the basement. There was a long counter that I used for growing starts each year.

And cold frames once the starts outgrew the heating pads and grow lights.

A kitchen herb garden, and beds in the backyard for 10 month vegetable planning.

Blueberry bushes, strawberry beds...

I miss the house, sure - but I really miss the garden I designed and lived.


  1. Your garden is/has been my inspiration since I first went searching for the pig. Now that I know we are staying put, I can only hope to reach a fraction of Tooker-like fabulousness in my yard. I look forward to seeing the results of your next garden season.

    1. I'll never forget that day you showed up at my door, having tracked down the pig statue :) The garden space here is going to be a challenge.


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