biopiracy, indigenous crops and human rights.

My new favorite word is "biopiracy."

India is suing Monsanto for stealing an indigenous crop.

You can read an article about the lawsuit here.

I will be watching this one closely. This could have far reaching ramifications. One of my first thoughts was - could a Native American tribe, as a sovereign nation,  pursue biopiracy claims for any of the indigenous corn grown in the US?

In other news, Monsanto won yet another lawsuit against a farmer, this one right here in Indiana.

My daughter and her teammates are exploring the concepts of human rights and terrorism for a Future Problem Solver competition. One of the areas they identified to pursue was GMO. So, 16 year olds view this issue as one of human rights verging on terrorism.

I wonder what would happen if the UN became involved in biopiracy hearings?

This wonderful image is from the Citizen's Assembly. Courtesy of Simran Sethi
Flashback to Agent Orange for Monsanto. Oh, wait, lawsuits over agent orange are still active today.

Another one to watch: