Primary Earth-friendly Gardening Tenents:

*Tolerate minimal damage to plants and lawn from pests. *Build and maintain healthy soil by using compost and natural soil amendments. *Use chemicals as a last resort. *Use native plants when possible. They are adapted to the climate, soil and area pests. *Attract Beneficial Insects to increase pollination and decrease harmful pests. *Conserve water by using responsible watering methods.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

USDA climate zones and relocation

It is 46 degrees out this morning and it looks like the sun will be out. But it is January, and I am now in Indiana.

Not only is my internal gardening clock all out of sorts, but my climate beacon is failing too. I really want to go outside and start the garden, but everything I read about the area indicates that we may be in to more snow and wintery stuff. Dang.

This is tough. They never tell you how hard relocation is, they never mention the inner gardener turmoil moving from zone 8 to zone 5.


It ended up being 60 degrees yesterday. It was still 55 degrees at 6 pm. And it was beautiful and sunny.

The bulbs are coming up!

Did I mention how much I love the winter sun, bonus that it was warm too! But the forecast has snowflakes hovering over the weekend...