cat in the plants

We moved to Indiana in August, and with the [over exaggerated] threat of winter upon us I did not start a garden outside.

In September and early October we cleaned the beds, removed over planting and mulched with shredded leaves. I donated hundreds of hostas to the city for planting projects and sacrificed arbor vitae to what I hope is city wide mulching and composting.

And then we had an unseasonable mild fall. I did not bring my cold frames but sure wish that I had packed them. I am in search of new cold frames now.

We moved in to the last house in Washington state during August also, and gardened until January. We had the luxury of bringing several transplants with us from the previous garden. An 18 foot trailer full of transplants and starts.

This is gonna kill me! We have three more months until I can work the soil and play outside :(

I have potted several house plants, and have a table set up in the screened porch with herb pots, but it just isn't the same. And the cat is eating them.

I have never had a cat remotely interested in plants before this one. She seems to prefer vegetable starts, specifically the cabbage family.  In the last house I had a large counter with heating pads and grow lights for my early season vegetable starts and she would jump up and help herself to a salad. She is now munching houseplants. She seems to know what is poisonous to cats too, she is very particular and cautiously avoids the harmful ones..


  1. Plant extras to feed the cat.


    1. TR, I do in fact plan for the cat, however she prefers to select her own plants...while I am not looking!


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