Parking Strip Transformation

I have spent the better half of this morning freeing posts from draft, where they were left somewhere back in 2009. I debating changing the dates to place them here, but decided to leave them chronological in this free ramble of a garden journal. To link back and catch up, here ya go ;)

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Willow, Organic Hormone Tea
Cold Frames
Black Turtle Beans
Crop Rotation
Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and Kohlrabi

Additionally, I have been sorting hundreds of photos locked in their little digital files. The photo above shows the final transformation of the parking strip in front of the Vancouver house from lawn to low maintenance, low water succulents and hearty plants. In the background you can see a nine-bark, the Coppertina variety. It has not only wonderful copper color in the early spring as the new foliage emerges, but lovely white flowers as well.  It was placed to screen the view of oncoming traffic (and neighbors). The golden sedum Angelina is one of my favorite, it is so low maintenance and pops with color. I repeat the plant in the background landscape as well to bring the parking strip into the front landscape.

The helianthemum "St Mary's" blooms white papery flowers and is heat and drought resistant. All of the plants in this photo were propagated from cuttings and filled in within a year.


  1. nice! so much prettier than turf grass.

  2. Thanks Garden Girl ;) I have plans to tackle a similar transformation here at the new house in Indiana. Once I get over the culture shock of leaving the PNW!


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