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Monday, December 5, 2011

Native Plants

I spent most of the afternoon Sunday searching and reading about native plant species for Northern Indiana. I saved a few books to my Amazon "wish list" and bookmarked a few websites.

I found a garden plan that I would like to adapt for the front yard. The scene in the photo looks amazingly like the front yard here, except for the fact that I will need to have a tree removed. A big tree. The tree was going anyway, as soon as I can afford it and find a good arborist. The poor tree has been topped, suffered irreversible pruning damage and shows die back.

I would like the front yard to flow to the back side yard. The property is long and the back yard is narrow, but I can visualize this idea. Everyone seems to use the back door, entering from the alley and driveway. So. the front door is apparently just for looks... if I create a better flow between the two doors that will make the space much more usable.

I am in the process of sketching the layout, so I will update this post with a photo when I get it done.