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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Idea Books and Magazine Clippings

Wow. I have spent a good chunk of this morning sorting through magazine clippings. You know, all of those ideas tucked into my garden journal...that were for the old house :(

I saved a few clippings - the potager plan, the gate, and apple tree fence.

And I found my handwritten notes about plant meanings.

fern = candor, sincerity
clover = professional success
hawthorne = marriage, hope (protects the energy placed within it/hedge)
lilac = love
mint = virtue
periwinkle = friendship, memories
sage = longgevity, wisdom, virtue

a butterfly garden encourages the soul, psyche
bee balm, black eyed susan, coneflower = self-awareness, transformation, diligence, duty, devotion, steadfastness

I have no idea where those notes came from, they were scribbled on a single page tucked into the journal. The idea is worth more research for purposeful planning.