Houseplants and Air Quality

 As I mentioned previously, I had to give away all of my houseplants before the relocation. I gifted every single potted plant, and there were many, to friends and neighbors. The moving company would not allow plants on the truck.

I took a few small cuttings in a small banker box with me in my car. Those items are shown in the photo above, a few small aloe vera, a snake plant, a jade plant, and a christmas cactus. My husband surprised me with a few other cuttings from the yard when he drove out a month later, weigelia, sambucus, and rosemary.

 During the first month in the new house I purchased three new houseplants. And mu husband arrived with another "save" from the old house. All of hte house plants are currently in the screened porch, dining room or my office. I would like to get a few larger houseplants now that we have these fabulous high ceilings.When purchasing houseplants I like to use NASA's list of plants that clean the air.

Plants Clean Air and Water for Indoor Environments

Houseplants Help Clean Indoor Air