Rain and Gutters

It is absolutely pouring today. I found myself outside, on a ladder, in rubber boots and a rain coat, cleaning gutters to prevent the garage from flooding. once. again. I was soaked to the bone by the time I got back inside.

Yesterday it was beautiful out, a little overcast, but dry and warm and we all raked leaves, but. forgot. the gutters. {sigh}

I am back inside now, thawed out and dried off, realizing that it is indeed that time of year again. That time of year that gardeners must hibernate indoors. Thank goodness for indoor mushroom gardens, herb gardens, and other indoor growing options.

I started with two Jump Start grow light stands a few years ago and moved on to a large overhead mounted system about a year ago. I am now in the process of converting the screened porch into a growing area for the winter. We still need to run electricity for the grow lights, but the space is perfect. I can manage most herbs in the space and by February and March I will have vegetable starts in for the season.

Indoor gardening and compost bins, specifically worm bins, are the two things that get me through the winter. When we moved we gave away our worm bins to excited families wanting to adopt the little critters. I am anxious to get a new system set up here. We compost all of our kitchen scraps, and worms are the key for making it work during the winter when I do not want to go outside. We still operate the outdoor bin, but keep worm bins in the basement. Worms are also great for scraps like broccoli that I do not put in the yard compost bin, and shredded paper - talk about security from identity theft, try to read that after it passes through a worm LOL

If you are at all hesitant about worm bins, go check out this information in an earlier post that I wrote on the topic. We have been managing worm bins for 5-6 years now and for my kids it is just a way of life. In fact, my favorite outburst from one of my teens about the move was "Mom! They don't even know how to recycle here! They thrown their food in the garbage!"  Ah, I'm so proud! :)

Worm bin set up here.