Tree Care responsibility

Indiana Michigan Power tagged one of our trees for pruning. I must say, I was a bit nervous because the tree in question is probably pushing 200 years old, and according to the neighbors it is historically significant. Apparently Native American tribes would use the tree to mark a meeting place (Chippewa, Pottawatomie). Well, everyone I dealt with was wonderful! The woman who wrote the work order came out to meet with me and listened to my concerns (proper pruning time and techniques to avoid damage). The work crew just left, and I must say the leader had me at "properly angled cuts."

There are several trees on this property that have suffered weather damage and severe pruning and topping damage. We know that we need to hire an arborist next spring. Hopefully we can save as many trees as possible, the old tree that was just pruned will need additional work as well.

This photo shows the cuts made by Asplundh Tree Service for Indiana Michigan Power. There were two concerns pruning this tree. First, the tree needed to be dormant, so I worked with the power company to schedule the pruning. It is important to know the variety of tree. Second, the tree needed to be pruned completely back to the trunk. By pruning completely back to the trunk they were able to make a single cut which will last. Simply trimming the end branches near the lines requires annual attention and creates multiple openings. The single cut was properly angle for water run off so that the tree would heal and not suffer rot.

Be involved in your tree pruning, especially pruning done by others, such as a utility company. I called and asked to have the pruning done now, while the tree was dormant. I also asked that they prune all the way to the trunk.