metamorphosis and reinvention

Well, I am sitting down to begin blogging again after a little hiatus.

Over the past several years I worked myself into a dream job position as a lead teacher in a high school environmental services magnet program. It was a fabulous position which consumed my hours and creative energy.

However, with changes in the economy and factors too complex to map out here, I have recently found myself a "trailing spouse." At the end of June I was away at AP training for a new environmental science course offering that I would be teaching, and by mid-July I was packing to move 2400 miles across the United States.

I welcome this opportunity to get back into blogging. The fall is a perfect time to reflect upon the past and plan for the future and I hope that you join me as I review recent projects and plan for new adventures in the spring :) I have just downloaded over 700 photos that were trapped on my camera SD card, and have been unpacking treasures of books and old garden journals.

As the weather turns and the days shorten, grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me.

METAMORPHOSIS: A butterfly that greeted me on a crisp fall walk in my new city, reminding me that change can be wonderful, an opportunity to reinvent yourself.