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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Well, the first big challenge moving 2400 miles cross country was to stay in touch and make new connections. We have never been relocated before, so I really underestimated the emotional impact the move would have on me. I thought about hubby and my two teenagers, but somehow forgot to plan for my own transition.

In the past I have made personal "business cards" to have available to hand out. They are easy enough to make at home, but with ink and paper costs these days I have found it is far easier to order this type of item from a service like Vistaprint and trust the job will be done right without hours aligning my images and failed prints trying to get it just right.

And, of course, I also wanted to send out "We've Moved" announcements. Vistaprint can also handle all sorts of announcements, and with the holidays coming up I can check cards off the list too.

We moved to a fairly small town, and I'm not a big run-around-town-shopping type of person anyway, so I have turned more and more to online shopping services like VistaPrint . Afterall, that frees up more time for gardening :)