Little Pieces of Trash! {gasp}

This weekend we mulched leaves and put the flower beds down for the winter.

I have looked for a good mulch supplier here and have yet to find one, so we used the mulching setting on the leaf blower (it vacuums up the leaves and mulches them) to cover the beds. I like a compost mix that combines compost, manure and wood chips (kiln dried preferred).

In the front yard where I cleared beds and there are no established plants I simply raked the leaves into the beds. The leaves will break down and add organic material to the soil. Mulching the leaves allows them to break down faster.We added leaves to the compost bin as well.

In the past I have always maintained a leaf bin, a bin or an area where I collected leaves for use in composting year round. If you are composting kitchen scraps it is often hard to balance the green and brown material and a good leaf supply really helps.

The neighbor cracked me up, he claims that the leaves look like little pieces of trash all over. Perspective is everything, I see the leaves as the start of a whole new cycle. Perhaps I am just overly sensitive to transitions and cycles now after the relocation.