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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

it's compost season

The growing season seemed to pass too quickly this year.

Much of the garden will actually bloom for 4-6 more weeks, but I begin a class the first of October and will be gone all day Saturdays - so, the plan this weekend is to cut back and put the beds down as best we can.

I am excited about my class - Organic Gardening Certificate Program - offered through OSU, PSU, and Oregon Tilth. (Edible Portland Spring 2009, page 30)

Today I brought in several beans, snow peas, a dozen tomatoes, the last of the lettuce, cucumbers and a few potatoes. The row covers are back on with cold nights. The drip system is off, with rain starting.

Overall it has been a good year - we enjoyed a lot of meals from a first year garden. Tonight I made a rice and tofu dish with garden vegetables and a Thai chili pepper and Thai basil.

The squirrels dug up the last lettuce starts and I gave up the 2 week rotation after that - the Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi did not survive the early season cabbage looper attacks . . . the last Asian eggplants are looking a bit peaked. . . the carrot have been tasty, but many are quite sculptural.

Yep, overall a good year.

And now compost season begins. A year round activity, but the corner stone of the Fall cycle. I have worked the worm bins and added fresh bedding after months of summer excess. I have harvested lbs of worms for classrooms, friends and neighbors.