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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Garden Journal, Plant Tags and Seed Organization

During the gardening season a large portion of my gardening books migrate downstairs from their bookshelf and rest, reference ready, on a little sewing chair near the door. The chair has also collected my summer gardening hat and winter gardening hat . . . because lets face it - when isn't it gardening season!Beneath the chair are two photo boxes - one for plant labels, and one for seeds. The canvas bag houses my garden journal.
Here is a peak at the book titles to save you from squinting ;)The seeds are loosely grouped by plant family or start date, whichever seemed more appropriate to me at the time. An added note: I seed vegetables and flowers in different colored containers so as not to confuse edibles with other starts.Plant tags are first collected here in baggies by planting area. I remove the nursery labels when planting and keep them for later reference. They tend to fade or crack outdoors. The actual plants then receive a zinc plant stake. The nursery labels are then moved to the garden journal. If I have purchased more than one of a variety I leave the additional labels in the box.My Garden Journal is a simple 3 -ring binder with write on tab dividers. Each section is labeled to correspond with a planting bed. I have additional tabs for my seasonal task list, garden plan diagram, and other information I keep for reference.I use "baseball card" sheet protectors to store the plant labels. These are available at Office Depot and other office supply stores. A quick snip of the stake end trims most labels to just the right size. Additionally, the sheet protector allows me to read the label on both sides when I need to reference the information.At the back of the journal are a few pockets for brochures and catalogs that I keep.