Another Manic Saturday ;)

I moved WC's funky coleus into individual pots - recycled from their previous use as citronella candles.
I edged the lawn around the sidewalk between the house and garage. No really it is grass, despite the straw-like color. Added a few compost layers to extend the strawberry beds. . .
Mulched the top and planted a row of cantaloupe seedlings. I know this looks like overkill on the seedlings, but the last seedling I planted was chomped right off under the seed leaves. I am hoping at least one survives! And I planted them at the edge of the bed so I can control the water needs since cantaloupe have varying water needs during the season. Yes, I am holding out hope for enough heat to see these poor guys to fruit!
I also extended the adjacent bed to add additional pea supports for a second seeding.
I ended up cutting back all of the pole peas to make room for the pole beans starting up the same support.
I extended the rose beds to allow room for companion planting.
And despite my tendency to reduce lawn wherever possible, I did give this little patch some TLC hoping that it will recover and provide a nice carpet for the table I like to place here for morning coffee.The additional beds created a significant change in flow, creating "rooms" and breaking up the view from one end of the yard to the other - the curves also created pathways and altered the previously gridded look.The ladders and bamboo supports offer a little vertical interest -
And I can start to imagine an art studio in the converted single detached garage . . . another little project ;)
Other projects on the list are:
an arbor entrance
a privacy screen or fence TBD
extended greenhouse space
stone walkways and groundcovers
dedicated fire pit area