microbial mulch, the hardy plant sale and design elements

5 yards of microbial mulch, the hardy plant sale and design elements - more later

it may involve chickens, figs, apple and kiwi

plus a few hummingbird favorites

and worms of course

too tired to elaborate now -


I worked like a madwoman in the garden all weekend. We did make the hardy plant sale in the morning - research expedition - and received 5 yards of microbial mulch to add additional beds in the yard.

All of the transplants from the other house seem to be doing well. As each bed was laid I began to move the perennials to their new homes.

We added a screen to the front pathway to define the area and serve as a backdrop to the taller perennials. I set the area with white and blue delphinium. The veronica were moved to the pathway in the butterfly garden, and the companula to the hummingbird garden.

The herbs are fairing well in pots for now, and the small greenhouse I purchased is going to work well. The fennel is going to be a challenge, and I am not sure what I will do with it.

The beds in the backyard will be for edibles. I have plans for a paw paw, figs, columnar apples and perhaps a goji berry. The sitting area will be revised to the now debunk trailer pad.

The blueberry bushes seem to be doing well aftertransplant and I am considering adding new strawberry plants - everygreen.

The weigelia seem to be coming back, I was a bit neervous. And I am working around the "surprises" popping up here and there.

The roses have faired extremely well and the camelia and clematis are going to look nice in around the bed. The "waterfall" companula has taken off as ground cover along the bed as well.

I still have a lot of mulch to move and seeds to start, but the plan is starting to come together.