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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rainy Day Reflections: ready to plant roots

Today, after 8 months, we finally signed what will hopefully be the final counter offer on the old house. And I think I am ready to begin gardening here.

There has been a big connection back the the old garden, just last month we moved additional plants here. And up until the final signature I was contemplating the holly.

I would find myself crying looking at photos of the old yard even two months ago -

Now I am planning, sketching, sorting . . .
Tending the nursery strip. I transplanted all of the perrenials into a few select strips when we moved.
Looking for signs of Rudbeckia or Mondara. Penstemon and Phygelius.

Everything is taking shape here. Spring is near.

However, just today we had another morning frost.

I am learning to appreciate all of the seasons and not feel the rush of Spring.