Primary Earth-friendly Gardening Tenents:

*Tolerate minimal damage to plants and lawn from pests. *Build and maintain healthy soil by using compost and natural soil amendments. *Use chemicals as a last resort. *Use native plants when possible. They are adapted to the climate, soil and area pests. *Attract Beneficial Insects to increase pollination and decrease harmful pests. *Conserve water by using responsible watering methods.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vermicomposting: collecting worm food

90 cents of every dollar to soil.

I am focusing on this mantra as I develop the beds and turn the compost.

At this point all kitchen scrap are going to compost. The house does not have a garbage disposal and it has forced everyone to follow through with the compost collection.

I converted the broom closet into a compost closet and have 4 bins - greens, browns, coffee grounds and banana peels (roses). We fill the greens about once per week and then use the browns container to ensure we add equal volume of each to the yard bins. We use newspaper and egg cartons to make up the volume, or wood chips when I can get them. We do add greens to the worm bin in the basement. I keep a small dish by the sink for the worm bin. The dish is large enough for basic scraps during the day and ensure we do not "overfeed" our small worm bin.
The worm bin is ready for harvest and I think we will add a second bin due to the number of worms that we now have. I also plan to leave it in the basement rather than returning it to the yard. It really has worked well for us in the basement.

I started the second yard bin about 3 weeks ago. I plan to rotate the bins as each "finishes" composting for use. I have been diligent about mixing at least once a week and every 3 days when the weather is good.