Planning and Design: baby steps

I will have a producing garden at this house, but my true love is butterflies and hummingbirds. When I first started to garden I was fascinated by the art of creating a butterfly habitat, by extension the garden grew to include hummingbird plants as well.

The plan for this garden includes a butterfly garden with native milkweed and a hummingbird garden. These garden areas will take over the front yard between the sidewalk and the house. The front yard is full sun.

The backyard will contain the producing garden and a larger shade garden with seating area. The backyard opens to the alleyway and we have the challenge of transforming a trailer pad into a usable garden space. The backyard is mostly shade with a long narrow full sun area that the producing garden will take over.

I have placed the blueberry bushes, the huckleberry and strawberries and we have begun research and planning for the producing plants. At the moment we are planning on 2 columnar apple trees, a fig, two arctic kiwi, possible salmonberry and thimbleberry and a variety of vegetables. I really want a paw paw. I purchased a small 4 tier greenhouse for next to the house, and hope to start a few seeds, although this first year I may have to purchase starts.