Vermicomposting: Eisenia fetida

I have the standard issue double tote system - vents on top, drainage to bottom tote . . . only good for about a family of 2, and definitely not vegetarians. It works for me because I have 2 additional yard compost bins.

And this is what $20 worth of worms looks like - about 500. Fresh from the manure pile. The only place to get the correct type of worms. And yes, you do need to use the Eisenia fetida. A worm bin is perfect for a small space, even indoors. It is small and odorless.

These guys are snacking on a few coffee grounds, part of a tea bag and eggs shells.

Worms will eat all vegetable and fruit scraps, although I do not include onions when I feed my worms.


  1. I have plenty of e. fetida in each of my six basement bins. Where are you located? Also curious about the vented tops you have on your pictured bins. Who manufactures these?

  2. the bins are made during a workshop - the vents are purchased from the local Home Depot
    the county needs enough worms for several school districts - not only classroom bins but fieldtrip workshops and adult education programs - there are several sources locally, this time of year manure piles are the best due to temp.

  3. That is a beautiful looking bin!
    I made a YouTube video showing how to make something similar (with the lower drainage-catch bin), but the vents in the top are very cool. I didn't know you could get those from Home Depot! Makes it look very professional.




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