Soil Building and Mulch: sheet mulching

Look who got a gingko bilboa 'autumn gold' !!!

The first big step in converting the "dead strip" or parking strip into a planted area was to select a tree. We called urban forestry for the planting approval and the rest of the fall and winter will be spent amending the soil in the area.
Everywhere you look - we are making more lasagna beds! Some people call this sheet composting.


  1. Would it scare you if I guessed where you lived and was pretty close? The picture included in this post gives me a good guess.

    I love ginkos.

  2. Oops, you told me where you lived so that game can't happen. Your garden really is impressive.

  3. This time of year is relaxing, garden wise, isn't it? SO nice not to have run outside and water and check everything daily.

    But, I miss all that splashy color.

  4. Are you going to feed WC some Ginko to help him remember his chores?


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