Primary Earth-friendly Gardening Tenents:

*Tolerate minimal damage to plants and lawn from pests. *Build and maintain healthy soil by using compost and natural soil amendments. *Use chemicals as a last resort. *Use native plants when possible. They are adapted to the climate, soil and area pests. *Attract Beneficial Insects to increase pollination and decrease harmful pests. *Conserve water by using responsible watering methods.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Planning and Design: binder and bloom succession

Well, now that I have the yard "sketched" out and the beds labeled I can go about putting together a gardening binder with the plant info organized by bedding area. Subcategorized alphabetically of course, by genus . . . with a reference note under the common name . . .

I will then use photos for each bedding area to show the bloom succession and document the development of the bed design.

Only 4 shots of espresso so far, I don't know why you had to bring that up;)